Ken Zulumovski
Kabbi Kabbi & Gooreng Gooreng Man
Royal Australian Artillery
Inactive Army Reserve

Australian Defence Medal

Our family had a long history of military service, so after dropping out of school at age 15 and appearing before the juvenile court not once but twice, I turned to the ADF an enlisted, I was 17. The 113 Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery (RAA) Corps was my choice and I served 8 years as a part time soldier, gaining skills in infantry, signaling, command post operating and Artillery gunnery.

While serving with the RAA I was approached to join the Australian Defence Force Recruitment Unit where I completed the 0055 Recruit Counsellors program and began a three year term working under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment and Career Development Strategy. There my skills in community engagement and public speaking and recruit counseling were honed.

I exited the Army to pursue a career in supporting government and the human services sector to improve Aboriginal outcomes. I founded a consultancy that delivers professional services across the: research and evaluation, health and mental health, training and development, AOD, suicide and crisis prevention sectors. And since 2021 I have been gifted The Coloured Digger ANZAC Day event, the number 1 First Nations ANZAC Day calendar event, which commemorates the untold stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander servicemen and women and their communities who served Australia.