Shirly Mooney, OAM

Wongi Woman
Retired Soldier
Royal Australian Nursing Corp

Medals and Awards

Medal of the Order of Australia
Australian Defence Service Medal


Shirly started nursing school at the age of 16 and joined the Army a couple of years later to finish her training at Campbell Barracks in Western Australia.  “I always wanted to join the Army… my father was in the military, my life was the military”. Shirly was automatically discharged from service when she married her husband, in 1958, who was a serving member of the Special Air Service Regiment.  Shirly’s support for fellow widows and families of Australian Defence Force veterans over three decades has earned her one of the nation’s highest honours, the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2017.  Shirly has been and continues to be involved with many military-related support services, including as a welfare officer for the Australian Special Air Services Association since 1993, the Defence Force Welfare Association’s Defence Widows Group convenor since 1999, and is a former president of the Royal Australian Nursing Corp Association.