Antoinette Brandy
Able Seaman
Maritime Logistics Supply Chain Sailor
Royal Australian Navy


I am a proud Wiradjuri woman; my father was born in Condobolin, NSW, and my mother in Harvey, WA, I have three sisters, with one also serving in the RAN as a Marine Technician.

I grew up in Nowra NSW, and at the age of 15, I gained an apprenticeship as a chef, which lead me on to a very successful career for 21 years while also having two children in the meantime. At the age of 36 years old, I decided a career change was needed and pursued a long-term dream to join the Australian Defence Force.

I joined the ADF not only for myself but for my children. I wanted to be an inspiration to them and to show my daughter that she can be anything she wants to be in this world so that she will be a strong independent woman growing up in a diverse world.  

The Royal Australian Navy has provided me and many other Indigenous members with the opportunity to connect with culture. Bungaree, the Navy Dance Troupe, has allowed me to learn and develop my cultural knowledge through connection to our elders, to dance and to other Indigenous defence force members. Through Bungaree, I have had the opportunity to showcase cultural dance overseas and all over Australia.