Clint Metcalfe
Chief Petty Officer Electronic Technician
Royal Australian Navy

Medals and Awards
Conspicuous Service Medal
Head of Defence Personnel Executive Commendation
Australian Active Service Medal with Clasp IRAQ 2003 and ICAT
Afghanistan Medal
Iraq Medal
Australian Operational Service Medal – Border Protection
Defence Long Service Medal with First, Second and Third clasps
Australian Defence Medal
Operational Service Badge – Military
Returned From Active Service Badge


Selected as the Chief to run the first-ever Defence Indigenous Development program, I was presented with 45 young men and women of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island heritage who had no exposure to military life before. The task was to spend 9 months training and mentoring these young men and women so that they may apply for service in the Royal Australian Navy on completion. Living remotely in the hills behind Gordonvale, we spent days and nights doing physical training, schooling and, most importantly, sharing our stories, including what we desired for the future. On completion, 25 young Australians graduated, with 13 members signing up for full-time service. To this day, some of the original members are still serving with distinction and those that did not serve have gone on to become successful within their own community. I feel the life skills passed on during the training contribute to helping them achieve their goals in life.

Still married to my bride of 26 years and with four grown children, we eventually settled in Western Australia. Having suffered the loss of two of my children, I was reminded of the resilience shown by some of my recruits when we first started and how they have overcome immense obstacles in life to achieve their dreams. To this day, I continue to be engaged with Indigenous communities both at home and abroad. I spent 2 and half years in Kiribati working with the Kiribati Police Maritime Unit and am currently working as the Technical Adviser to the PNG Defence Force Maritime Element. I will always treasure my time working with Indigenous cultures, including Elders, and the lessons they have taught me about life, love and country.