Farryn Penny
Grandmothers side is the Nyawagi people
Grandfathers side is the Bundjalung people
Able Seaman
Marine Technician, Hull rate.
Royal Australian Navy

Australian Defence Medal

I was born in Townsville and raised in Ayr by my mother, Lena Watego who was one of fifteen children. My mother raised my two brothers along with many foster kids over the years. From when I was young I always knew I would have a career in the Navy and follow after my grandfather, aunties and uncles who have served or are currently serving. My little brother is currently serving in the Army, he joined straight out of school. Our family, the Wategos have had a proud history of serving our country and I’m proud to say I am a part of that. I joined in 2019 and have been posted to HMAS Cerberus, HMAS Stirling, HMAS Kuttabul, and ship postings to HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Warramunga, and am currently serving at HMAS Cairns. I enjoy my career and the memories I’ve made with others during my service.