Francis Sonny Graham Unmeopa

Eastern Torres Strait of the Meriam Le (people) and Erubam Le

Army Reserve 1983-1989, 9th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment

Able Seaman
Royal Australian Navy 1989-1993, DE50 HMAS SWAN, HMAS LABUAN, IMFOR Squadron, HMAS ALBATROSS

Australian Regular Army 2000-2004, Royal Australian Regiment


Commendation for Distinguished Service
Australian Active Service Medal , (East Timor, ICAT, Iraq 2003),
Iraq Campaign Medal
Australian Service Medal (CT/SR)
Australian Defence Medal
Awarded a Commanding Officers Commendation in the RAN and the ICB Infantry Combat Badge


My bloodline comes from the Seden and Doolah family who are Samsep Le. Our sub clan is Samsep and our Lubabat (totems) are Beizam (Tiger Shark), Korseimer (the moth), the Deumer (Torres Strait pigeon) and the Sarp (the driftwood). We are saltwater people.