Ian Langford DSC and Bars
Brigadier, Director-General Future Land Warfare
Australian Army
Australian Defence Force
East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran

Medals and Awards
Distinguished Service Cross and Bars
Australian Active Service Medal with 3 clasps
Afghanistan Medal
Australian Service Medal with 5 clasps
Australian Operational Service Medal – Greater Middle East
Defence Long Service Medal with clasp
Australian Defence Medal
UN Medal with Multi Tour Indicator 2
UN East Timor Medal
NATO Non-Article 5 Medal with clasp ISAF & Multi-Tour Indicator 2
Infantry Combat Badge
Skill at Arms Badge

Ian Langford was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, three times. He is the only Australian so awarded in the modern era.

Solomon Islands
East Timor/Timor Leste
Syria, Lebanon, Israel
Domestic Counter Terrorism