Kalishwa Williams
Torres Strait Islands – Saibai Island,  Aboriginal – Ankamuthi/Yadhaykenu
Able Seaman
Royal Australian Navy

My name is Kalishwa Williams, I grew up in Bamaga, Northern Peninsular Area which is located in Cape York, Queensland. I first started looking into the Royal Australian Navy back in 2018 doing work experience at HMAS Cairns but didn’t join until 2021 through NIDP (Navy Indigenous Development Program). I am the eldest out of 4 siblings and the only one to join the ADF although I do have other family members in Navy and Army. The reason I joined was to set an example to my family to not be afraid of trying something new even if it means that you have to leave home and another reason I joined was to travel because who doesn’t love travelling.  I haven’t served for a long time but I have learnt a lot from the little time that I’ve had in the Navy.