Kellie Curry
Waanyi woman
Leading Seaman
AVN Aviation Support Sailor
Royal Australian Navy

Australian Defence Medal


I was born and raised in a small town in north-west QLD called Cloncurry. My connection to country as a Waanyi woman is through my mothers side, whose traditional lands lie in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Growing up in a small country town there isn’t bountiful opportunities to work. I joined the Navy when I was 37 through the Defence Indigenous Development Program DIDP, at the time I was working in the mines as a cleaner and had been doing that for a number of years. The decision to join the Navy wasn’t an easy one this meant leaving my hometown, family and friends, and everything that I had grown to love to venture out into the unknown. Since joining I have travelled the world and worked with many different Navies and met so many different people. I joined as an AVN (Aviation Support Sailor). I am currently a Recruit Instructor with the Indigenous Pre Recruitment Program (IPRP) this posting has been a great opportunity for me to give back as this is where my career started. I completed recruit training at HMAS Cerberus in 2016,  I then spent the next few years 2016-2018 at HMAS Albatross where I concluded my initial employment training and a brief posting at 808 SQN. I served on HMAS Adelaide 2109-2022 this was an exciting posting and I was fortunate enough to be apart of some great deployments.

Joining the Navy was the best decision I made, as I look back and think of where I came from to now. I’m just a Murri from the Curry sailing on the big blue ocean I would never imagine in a million years I would be a sailor in the Royal Australian Navy. I am also very grateful and thankful for the the love and support of my beautiful partner Kym and her family as they have instilled in me with belief and determination you will always be destined for great things.