Michael Edwards
Warrant Officer Class 1
Regimental Sergeant Major
Royal Australian Corps of Transport
Adelaide Universities Regiment
Australian Army

Medals and Awards
Australian Active Service Medal with clasps
International Force East Timor Medal
Afghanistan Medal
Defence Long Service Medal with two clasps
Australian Defence Medal
NATO Medal with clasp ISAF
US Bronze Star Medal
Army Combat Badge


I grew up in Far North Queensland and enlisted in the Australian Army in January 1996. As far back as I can remember, it was always my intention to join once I had completed my secondary schooling. Serving the Nation was the biggest factor, and this was influenced by previous family members’ service dating back to the First World War.

Upon completion of recruit training, I was allocated to the Royal Australian Corps of Transport as an Air Dispatcher and, in 2002, transferred to Driver.  My postings have included a wide variety of units and have afforded me the opportunity to live in most states of Australia. In 1999, I deployed to East Timor and deployed again in 2015 to Afghanistan.  My career highlights to date have been working with the Afghanistan National Army during my deployment to Afghanistan, training the Army’s newest Soldiers during my posting to 1st Recruit Training Battalion and being appointed as a Regimental Sergeant Major.

I have also been fortunate to have served with two of my siblings both in Australia and on Operations, and, with great pride, two of my children and nephew, who are currently serving in the Australian Defence Force.

Whilst there have been good, bad and hard times over my career, I can honestly and enthusiastically say that I have enjoyed every posting I have completed.  It has been these experiences that have afforded me with a long and enjoyable career.  The most important part that I reflect on is the people who I have served with and their influence on me.  It is the people with you through these different situations and experiences that help you get through the challenging events.  It is the people you serve alongside me that are my motivation to continue to serve in the Australian Army.