Pedro Stephen AM
Torres Strait Islander
Able Seaman
Royal Australian Navy

Medals and Awards
Member of the Order of Australia (AM)
Australian Service Medal 1945-75  SE ASIA
Centenary Medal
Australian Defence Medal


I am a proud Ugaramle Descent of the Magaram Tribe of Mer, Eastern Islands of the Torres Strait. My winds are the Sager (East) and Koki (North West). I also identify as Wagadagum Clansman, from the Tribe of Mabuyag. I proudly served in the footsteps of my Island Warriors Forbearers, who readily volunteered their lives to protect their clans and nation in times of conflict and threats during World War II. I served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1971 to 1981 as an Able Seaman Marine Technician. After a decade of service in the Royal Australian Navy, I was ordained in the Full Gospel of Churches as Minister in 1989.
From 1991 – 2016, I continued to serve my community first in local government as Councillor then Mayor of the Torres Shire Council, and from 2016 to the present as the Torres Strait Regional Authority Chairperson. I have over 40 years of extensive experience in executive leadership and management with the Australian Government, State and local government agencies and community organisations. I have continued to advocate for increasing the wealth of the Torres Strait region through developing local industries and jobs and for supporting community organisations with service delivery.

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October 2016