Rhiannon Busch
Tagalaka and Taepadhighi Woman
Marine Specialist – Australian Army
Royal Australian Corps of Transport
Australian Army

Australian Defence Medal
Australian Operational Service Medal – Border Protection
National Emergency Medal (QUEENSLAND ASSIST 17).


I was born in Katherine, NT, and grew up in Normanton, QLD, where the majority of my family resides. I come from a large family on both my grandmother’s and grandfather’s sides. I joined the Army straight out of high school in 2007, initially as an escape from the trauma I had faced growing up. I wanted to get as far away as possible, and the thought of adventure and fitness was appealing. Though it started as an escape, I soon began to learn about myself and the challenges our people face, which empowered me to stay in the Army much longer than I had anticipated. What was meant to be a few years turned into almost 15 years of full-time service.

Now, I serve as a Reservist, allowing me to contribute part-time. I have had the privilege to represent and captain both the Australian Army and Australian Defence Force Team AFL teams. Much of who I am is thanks to the Army. The skills, knowledge, and people I encountered during my time have been instrumental in shaping my character and career. The experiences and challenges I faced have taught me resilience, leadership, and teamwork, which continue to guide me in all aspects of my life. I now use these skills to do my part in empowering our people.