Ryen Hughes
Royal Australian Army Medical Corps
Australian Army

‘I was born in Townsville in November of 2002. I was born into an Army family and spent most of my childhood around my parent’s mates and fellow diggers. We later moved to Cairns, where I got in touch with my culture and discovered the true feeling of walking on the land where my Elders had once walked. There is a long history of my family serving this country, both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal. Ever since I was a young fella, I knew I would one day be wearing the same uniform as my father and carrying the same flag that my family has defended for generations. I enlisted on the 18 July 2022, as a Medical Technician in the Royal Australian Army. As a high school dropout, I never believed I would ever be able to achieve such things. I chose to be a Medic because I wanted to challenge myself and have a true passion for helping others. I love my job and would encourage anyone with a similar dream to pursue it. I want to show everyone that you can be whatever you want in life, no matter where you come from. I am an example of this. I am currently conducting my Initial Employment Training at the Army School of Health.

I look forward to graduating as a Medical Technician in the Army, wearing this uniform proudly and helping as many people as I possibly can.’ – Ryen Hughes