Tenaya Mourish
Royal Australian Navy

Australian Defence Medal


I was born and raised in Perth, WA. I joined the Navy as a Marine Technician in April 2018 straight after graduating high school. I completed my basic, employment and trade training at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria, all up being 18 months in Victoria. I then posted back home to Perth, WA working from HMAS Stirling in Rockingham. During my time at HMAS Stirling I was posted to HMAS Arunta for a RIMPAC deployment for 4 months, this unfortunately was during COVID and we weren’t able to step ashore. But this gave a new opportunity to connect back to my culture within my service by becoming the Regional Indigenous Development Coordinator (RIDC) from 2022-2024. This position gave me the opportunity to travel  to remote communities like Baniyala to attending local Indigenous events in Perth  and outer regions. Supporting community whilst wearing our nations uniform has definitely been a highlight of my naval career.