Jonathan Captain-Webb
Royal Australian Infantry Corp
Australian Reserve Army
2/17 Royal NSW Regiment
Dunghutti Gomeroi

Military Awards
Graduated being awarded the Most Outstanding Solider at 1RTB (Kapooka)

Jonathon Captain-Webb joined the Australian Army in January, 2013, and in the same year became one of only two Indigenous recruits to receive the award for Most Outstanding Soldier– an honour that recognises an individual for having ‘above average’ soldier qualities.
Captain Webb is hoping to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, who served in World War II as a gunner at Nelson’s Bay. Each year Captain-Webb acknowledges his family’s contribution to Australia’s war history by walking in the Black Diggers March in Redfern.
He is will complete is Bachelor of Arts/Law at the University for New South Wales in 2016. Captain-Webb is a father of two children to his partner Danielle.