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Joseph Banu
BOIGU ISLAND – Ngai Boeygulaig
CROCODILE CLAN from the Small Tribe of Boigu. Ngai Koedalaw Augadhalaig, Moegi Buaingu

Able Seaman
Royal Australian Navy

Served in:

  • HMAS Albatross
  • HMAS Stuart
  • HMAS Darwin
  • HMAS Kanimbla
  • HMAS Cairns
  • HMAS Labuan

I was born and raised on Thursday Island in 1989 in the Torres Strait. My father is Ex-serving member Donald Banu (Snr), and my mother is Etta Banu from Boigu Island. I came from a very small, remote community of Boigu Island all the way down Crib Point, Melbourne, Victoria, to enlisted back in 2007 and discharged in 2010. The reason why I joined was because of my father, who was also a retired sailor, so this was something that I wanted to do to make my father and family proud and to be a role model to the young people of my community and to the people of Torres Strait. Life in the ADF has taught me many values about life in general, taught me to be strong when I am away from family for so many moons, and to be respectful to other people from all different walks of life. We had 4 other members of my family who enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy and 2 others in the Army reserves. Most recently my nephew who graduated on the 17th of May 2024 at HMAS Cerberus. Now, I work as a Senior Police Liaison Officer with the Queensland Police Service, going on 11 years of service to the QPS and to my community.