Kaibariki Milianga Doolah Tapera
Marrgu/Iwaidja people, Minjilang Community, Crocker Island, West Arnhem Land, Northern Territory
Able Seaman Boatswain Mate
Royal Australian Navy

Medals and Awards
Personal Qualities award (PQ – Recruit school)
Australian Operational Service Medal – Border Protection
Australian Defence Medal

I enlisted on 10th August 2017 through DIDP-N8, and I am honoured to serve within the RAN and, more broadly, the ADF. Mum gave birth to me in Darwin at the Royal Darwin Hospital, my grandparents (her parents) adopted me at birth and raised me on Minjilang Community, Crocker Island. I was also traditionally adopted (Aboriginal ways) by the Traditional Land Owner of Crocker Island, Joy Malwagag Williams – whom I call mother. My roots extend out to the South West Pacific, Solomon Islands and Kiribati.

Navy has always been my passion since Middle/High school days. As a youth, I participated in Australian Navy Cadets, and I did that for 6 years, so it gave me a lot of exposure to Ships, Patrol Boats and Shore Establishments. On top of that, I also took part in a lot of community engagements and work experiences with Defence Navy. As an Islander and growing up on Community surrounded by the sea, the Royal Australian Navy was the best fit for me. I am a rated Boatswains Mate and am currently undergoing my Maritime Logistics Supply Chain Sailor (IET) Operator course at HMAS Cerberus.  I have had variety of postings ashore and at sea, including Operation Resolute. As a Boatswains Mate, I have posted to Perth and Darwin. I look forward to an exciting career ahead of me as a Sailor and a future Naval Officer with the RAN.

As a Marrgu/Iwaidja man I wish to see more of my First Nations Australians enlist, don the uniform and serve their nation Australia and represent their Country, People and Flag. As a person of South Sea Islander descent I wish to see more of my Solomon and Kiribati people fill in the ranks of the Royal Australian Navy in the future to come and represent their Country, People and Flag. As an individual born here in Australian, it will be really good to see more people don the uniform and fill the ranks – regardless of service, race and background.

Together we unite as one – Service members of the RAN-ADF